Niche Real Estate Agents: Develop REALISTIC Clients

One of the many challenges, real estate agents face, on a regular basis, is balancing between motivating and encouraging clients, versus instilling REALISTIC expectations, and behaving accordingly. Because, for most, their home is their single, largest, financial asset, the real estate transaction period, is often a tense, nervous time. While being realistic is the best course, few are able to objectively look at their own home, because they have developed an emotional attachment, based on a number of considerations, including the experiences and life – cycle events, celebrated and experienced, there! Let’s look, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why real estate agents, must pay attention to it.1. Real; relevant; real estate: Be careful to avoid looking too heavily, solely on historical data, especially if it is more than six months old. Times and factors change, and one must adapt. Smart professionals keep it real, proceed in a relevant matter, and realize the complexities of the real estate transaction.

2. Empathy: Begin by knowing and understanding what makes your client tick! Will you commit, consistently, to listen effectively, learn what is needed, and proceed with genuine empathy!3. Attention; attitude: One must proceed, with a positive, can – do attitude, rather than a defeatist one! Pay attention to relevant details, and educate your clients, so they know what they need to know and understand, not just what they want to hear!4. Listen; learn; listing: When giving a listing presentation, the agent should spend more time listening than speaking. Learn the homeowner’s concerns, perceptions, needs and priorities, and proceed accordingly!5. Imagination; integrity: Instead of being ordinary, try to be extraordinary, utilizing the finest imagination! Never abandon your commitment to absolute integrity!6. System; sales/ selling: Begin by fully explaining your sales and marketing system, approaches and reasoning! The better an agent and client, are on the same page, the less hassle in the future!7. Theme; timely: Marketing should include proceeding with a central theme, aimed at getting the most desirable results! Never procrastinate, and do every aspect, in a timely manner.

8. Ideas: Share ideas, and focus on the best approach and/ or options! Conceptualize, understand, and proceed!9. Creative; compare: Determine if the listed property is suited for niche – marketing, and position it, accordingly, using creative, well – considered, reasoning! Assure reasonable expectations, by comparing, without emotion, this home to others, available on the local market.The process becomes less stressful, when expectations are reasonable, and you have REALISTIC clients. How will you do so?